Learning from home

Daily Timetable Year 1 and 2
15 minutes reading to an adult and discussing the book.
15 minutes phonics/spelling
45 minutes maths
15-20 minutes writing
45 minutes topic/science
Joe Wicks 'The Body Coach' is going to be carrying out PE lessons for all the children at 9am every morning from Monday 23rd March. You will need to ask your parents to help you find these on 'YouTube'. You could build this into your home school timetable. You don't need any equipment. 
If you have any queries or completed work you want to send me please e-mail it to Jacqueline.hughes2@school360.co.uk
I will check and respond to my e-mails on Wednesdays and Fridays. 
Dear parents and children,
Thank you for all your hard work over the last 4 months. You have done some fantastic work whilst learning from home and you all deserve a lot of golden tickets, as well as a bit of a break!
I am looking forward to seeing year 1 back as new year 2s in class 1, and I am also looking forward to seeing year 2 as new year 3s in school!
Have  a lovely summer holiday everyone.
from Mrs Hughes 
 P.S. Parents - it's a good idea to keep a light touch on learning through the holidays - reading, writing diaries, stories and poems, some counting and number facts. White Rose also have maths workbooks available on Amazon which are good for rainy days too. 
Thanks again