EYFS Spring Term 1 2021 - Learning at Home

Welcome to the EYFS Remote Learning Page - new and improved for 2021! 
This is where you will find links to important resources, videos, activities and plans for you to use at home with your child during this new lockdown period. We know that this situation is far from ideal and that many of you will be trying to balance working whilst educating your child an keeping them safe and happy at home. We know that this is not easy - many of us have been there during the last lockdown and we know it has many challenges - but we know that you will do your best. 
Please do not worry if you don't manage everything on the plans. They are there for you to use and adapt as fits your schedule and your needs. Remember that you have the project books and letter formation booklets already and these can be used during this time too. 
As always, if there are any issues please email Mrs Boucetla. We are all here to help. 
Stay safe and we will see you as soon as we can.
Week 6: 08-11.12.21
This week we are learning all about Chinese New Year! The planning and resources in the file this week are for both Nursery and Reception, with some differentiation as needed and lots of options for some lovely activities to do together. Please remember to send some photos or comments to us, and have a lovely half term break!
Week 5: 01-05.02.21
This week we are looking at 'real life heroes'. This can be people who help us such as doctors, nurses, firefighters, police officers... or people in our lives such as family and friends. It could also be famous people who have done, or who do, great things! 
Next week we are going to learn all about Chinese New Year so as a 'heads up', if you are ordering  a food shop or going to the shops, you might like to grab some Chinese food or Chinese New Year things if you see any, to enhance the experiences planned for next week!
Week 4: 25 - 29 January 2021
We are looking at the story of 'Supertato' this week to continue our theme of superheroes but also to think about how we can be healthy and helpful! 
Please watch the video of the story (or share at home if you already have a copy of the book) and download the relevant zip file for your child to continue their remote learning.
As ever, please upload any work and comments to your child's EYFS360 profile or email with any details of their progress/ any difficulties. Thank you in advance. Have a great week!
Week 3: 18-22 January 2021
We are continuing our theme of 'Superheroes' this week. Please find all planning and resources in the Zip File below and as ever, if you require any additional resources or support just send an email and we will do our best to help!
Have fun and look out for some video lessons this week!
Week 2: 11 - 15 January 2021