Class Organisation

Class Organisation
Pupils benefit from our rural first school organisation as they are taught in mixed age classes. School staff plan and work closely together and offer teaching expertise and strengths across different year groups. Teaching assistants provide support in both key stages and where necessary, assist with individual and small group intervention.
Early Years Unit 
Taught by:
Mrs G Boucetla - (EYFS Lead - full time)
Mrs A Paxton (Wednesday morning PE and biking)
Mrs S Byerley (TA - mornings only)
Mrs C Bolam (TA - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday)
Mrs J Cameron (TA - Tuesday, Thursday, Friday)
Miss Linley Westgarth (TA Monday, Thursday, Friday)
The Early Years Unit includes Nursery (from the age of three) and Reception pupils. Numbers are limited to a maximum of 11 Nursery in any one session and 15 Reception. 
Years 1 and 2 - based in the Key Stage 1 classroom (Class 1)
Taught by
Mr R Fox (Monday - Thursday ) and Mr N Hanford (Friday)       
Miss J Couzens (TA - Monday to Friday except for Tuesday and Friday afternoons)
Mrs M Pease (TA - Tuesday to Friday)
Mrs J Cameron (TA - Monday)
 Years 1 and 2 are referred to as 'Key Stage 1' and classes are limited to a maximum of 30.
Years 3 and 4 - based in the Key Stage 2 classroom (Class 2)
Taught by: 
Miss E Thorpe (Monday -Wednesday) and Mrs Paxton (Thursday and Friday)
Mrs C Hawkins (TA - Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday)
Mrs B Baker (TA)
Mr J Tinsley (TA - full time)
Years 3 and 4, together with Years 5 and 6, are referred to as 'Key Stage 2'. At Beaufront, classes are usually limited to 30 children in Year 3 & 4 combined, unless there are exceptional circumstances.
Years 5 and 6 are taught at one of the Hexham Partnership Middle Schools.