Key Stage 2

Year 3 and 4 children are organised within Class 2 along a similar structure to Class 1. The overriding focus within years 3 and 4 is to build skills that will provide a very secure base for middle school education. Great emphasis is placed on developing resilience and determination to succeed with building the confidence to support one’s peers and know one’s own strengths and areas for improvement.

In our class at the moment...
During the Spring half term we have been having lots of fun learning about the rainforests.
We are also looking at habitats and how they are changing and what this means for our planet. 
Recently we have been looking at the impact of deforestation. We are going to be investigating ways in which we might be able to help and begin to make changes here in class 2.
Here is a short video to give you a little information about the rainforest.
In our Literacy sessions we have been reading 'The Explorer' written by Katherine Rundell.
In class we have been unpicking unfamiliar words. We have been developing our dictionary skills and have begun using thesaurus' to select synonyms which make our writing more powerful.
Synonyms- are basically variations and better words for standard or overused words. In class we say 'a better word for...'
We have been searching for some of the vocabulary we are unsure of on this site.
Online dictionary                             Online Thesaurus
We have been checking spelling, definitions and then if we needed looking for even better words to use instead. 
Maybe you could look for words together?!
Here are our most recent Graduates into the 'big pool'.
Well done boys. Your  confidence is really showing. Keep up the hard work.