Welcome to Beaufront Early Years

Our EYFS environment offers a welcoming space both indoors and out, for a balanced curriculum involving both adult-led and child-led learning opportunities. We are very fortunate with the space that we have and have just added a wonderful yurt that can be used all year round.
The classroom indoors offers an open-plan space for both Nursery and Reception to enjoy together, providing a wide range of resources and activities for learning through play. Outside, there is a mud kitchen, a bike track, a gardening area, a willow arch, a 'Tinker Shed' for woodwork and other craft and construction activities, and open space for a range of activities.
The environment is constantly evolving with the children's needs, interests and work but we always aim to maintain a calm, inspiring atmosphere in which all of the children can thrive. For  more information about the teaching and learning in EYFS, please see the 'Curriculum' area of our website.
If you wish to apply for a place in our Nursery, please download and complete the Application Form which can be found under 'EYFS Prospectus' - 'Nursery Applications', and can returned to our school postal address or to our admin email.