Class 2 Home Learning

Latest Update to Home Learning
Class 2 will gain access to learning resources through their school 360 account and Google Classroom. These will be updated each Sunday at 12 noon.
English Work Summer Half Term 2
For the first two weeks of this half term the children in Class 2 can choose whether to finish their El Dorado English project or follow the lessons assigned through the Oak National Academy. The details of these will be provided on Google Classroom.
El Dorado Project
For our English lessons this half-term some children  will be following the lessons from the litfilm fest website to produce our own film adventure based on the book "El Dorado'. 

This is a project for the children to really get their teeth into, culminating in a swash-buckling pirate, treasure-hunting adventure, that can be simply written and videoed at home. To begin your adventure see further information in our Google classroom.

 Get ready for the adventure:  Download the digital text here!

 Get the planning overview:  Summer Term LitFilmFestClassrooms Overview

 El Dorado Movie Zone
You may wish to watch some of our videos in the 'Movie Zone'.
Useful websites
A Story each Day with David Walliams
David Walliams to release one audio story per day - for the next 30 days.  Click on the link below for further information
Workout with Joe Wicks
Joe Wicks 'The Body Coach' is going to be carrying out PE lessons for all the children at 9am every morning from Monday 23rd March. You will need to ask your parents to help you find these on 'You Tube'. You could build this into your home school timetable. You don't need any equipment. 
If you have been joining in with Joe Wicks (hopefully you're not aching as much as I am) you will notice that people are sending in 'shout-outs' from countries all over the world. Each day you could choose one of the countries, locate it on a world map, find out facts about the traditions and the geography of the country. You may like to make a poster, board game or Powerpoint about the country.
Political map of the world. - PICRYL Public Domain Image
Free Stories with Audible
For as long as schools are closed, Audible are offering free streaming of stories for children.
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