EYFS Summer Term 2 Learning at Home

Summer Term 2 2020
Welcome to Summer Term 2 - your last half term in Reception and for some of you, the last half term in Nursery! If you are still working hard at home then we hope that you will enjoy the new topic, 'Around the World in 40 Days'! We might not be able to travel anywhere at the moment but the world is still out there waiting to be discovered and we hope that by using different resources you will be able to learn a lot about our wonderful world. 
While we are back to school in some capacity we are still here for you all if you need any help or resources so please contact one of us in the usual manner via our school email or via EYFS360. 
Enjoy the topic and remember to check in each week for the new planning.
Summer Term 2, Week 7: 14-18.07.20
Well, how did we end up in the final week of the academic year already? 
Normally this week we would be doing lots of really fun things alongside our learning - water days, a beach trip, a BBQ or picnic... so we want you to have a fun week at home too doing things that you love. There are some basic things to get done each morning - Phonics, Literacy/Topic and Maths - but then each afternoon try to do something you love and please send in some photos of how you are celebrating your last week as a Reception (or Nursery) child!
Summer Term 2 - Week 6: 06-10.07.20
We hope that you enjoyed learning about North America last week and maybe had your own celebrations for Canada Day or American Independence Day!
This week we are moving down to South America and more specifically. the vibrant and incredible country of Brazil where the people and culture are as diverse and interesting as the animals and plants that share this amazing place. We hope that you have lots of fun with this topic and that the sun shines here for you to have your very own carnival!
Summer Term 2 - Week 5: 29.06 - 03.07.20
This week we are moving to the massive 'North America', focusing on Canada and the United States of America! There are lots of opportunities in this week's topic focus to look at different geographical features and landscapes, different types of architecture, music, art and dance as well as different cultures and ethnicities that make our world such an interesting place!
As always, please enjoy the work and do what you can focusing on core skills as we near the end of this academic year, and please please remember to send emails or observations on EYFS360 to share your wonderful efforts and achievements.
Summer Term 2 - Week 4: 22-26.06.20
Hi everyone, this week we are moving on to look at the amazing country of Australia! There are lots of lovely art and science activities for you to have a try at alongside your Literacy and Maths work so we hope that you have lots of fun finding out about Australia.
Remember to share your work with us if you can!
Summer Term 2 - Week 3: 15-19.06.20
Hi everyone, I hope that you enjoyed learning more about a European country last week! I have seen some fantastic work and will try to share some photos with you so that you can see what your friends have all been up to either at home or at school.
This week we are moving further from home on our journey around the world and I have a feeling that you are all going to learn lots and enjoy this week's continent (and all the many countries). Please try to share your work via my email or on EYFS360 and let me know how you are getting on with your learning. 
For Maths, I know that a good number of you found working with numbers to 10 enough of a challenge last week, so this week if you could either practice number bonds to 20 or if you were fully confident with this last week, you can work on Mathletics (as well as some mental and practical maths from the challenges booklet, and forming your numbers correctly for recording) to improve your understanding and skills. Try explaining HOW you are solving problems to your parents or siblings to improve your reasoning skills too!
Summer 2 - Week 2: 08-12.06.20
I hope that you have enjoyed starting our topic, ‘Around the World in 40 days’! Did you find out lots of interesting things about where we live? Did you manage to find out that the UK is in Europe? This week we are going to do a little project as part of our big topic project, all about Europe and in particular, one European country of your choice.

You will be using different ways of finding out about your chosen country, writing and drawing and even producing some art work from the country. If you really want to get into your topic and you have the ingredients and things that you need, you could even plan and hold a themed night on Friday or Saturday by cooking some food from your chosen country and dressing up in clothes that you might find there or that you might wear if you were on holiday there!

Summer Term 2 2020 - Week 1: 01-05.06.20
This week we will look at where we live, starting with our planet and our home. 
For your phonics this week I would like you to focus on reading for at least 10 minutes out loud to your grown-up (or to your brother or sister). After that I would like you to practise reading your sight words (you can use Phonics Play or a word mat/ word cards) and maybe practise writing a few of them from memory! Next week we will begin to look at new/ less familiar sounds.