Outdoor Education

At Beaufront First School, we have wonderful outdoor spaces. We love to take advantage of these exceptional spaces in our day to day teaching and for the children to enjoy as part of their play.
Our school yard is situated at the front of the school and is fringed by garden shrubs and native trees. Playtimes are very active and the children use the yard for all the usual playground games and sports activities.
Next to the yard is a wood planted with mature oak, lime, sycamore and holly trees. This special environment is available for imaginative games during playtimes and is also used by staff when planning science, maths, literacy and many other activities. All children are asked to bring wellies into school so that they can access the wood even when it is wet weather.
Behind the school is a safely enclosed back garden which overlooks the beautiful countryside to the north of the school. We have planted trees to enhance the area, including a willow structure and arrange of trees with interesting bark and leaves.The Early Years team at school are currently enhancing the area with a “mud kitchen” and a bike track.
The back garden can be accessed directly from the 2 classrooms at the rear of the school via a substantial balcony. All children use the back garden and at various points in the year after school clubs and PE activities take place here.
At the front of the school and across the road, we have a substantial playing field which has panoramic views over the Tyne valley. The field allows us to do a wide range of sports and other teaching activities in spacious and stimulating environment. In one part of the field, we have our school herb and vegetable garden which gives us a wonderful location for gardening, art and science activities. Our whole school “garden days” are often focused around this part of the school.