Good attendance is vital for children to achieve well and be happy at school. Children who are absent regularly may fall behind or be unhappy coming to school. It is part of our school ethos that good attendance is expected.

If your child has better than 97% attendance at school they are doing well. The national average is about 95%. Children with 80% attendance will miss an average of one day a week and two years of school by the time they are in Year 11. Similarly, attendance of 90% may sound good but it is still half a day a week and a year of missed education by the time they are 16. We don’t need to explain how difficult it can be for some children to make up for a year of lost time.

Overall absence data for individual schools can be found on the performance tables website (link attached below), which is run by the DfE. You can search for schools by their type, postcode, name, town or region.


If your child is not present at school by 9:30 on the first day of absence please

  • phone the school (01434 602903) or

  • send an email or

  • call into the school office

    It is important that we know where your child is. We will phone you if we are unsure as to why your child is absent. 

    • Your child should not be kept away from school:

    • to visit relatives

    • for long weekends

    • for shopping trips

    • for birthday treats

      As a School we will inform you if:

    • your child is not attending

    • your child is frequently late