Curriculum overview

The Early Years Curriculum at Beaufront First School
We plan and teach based on the developing interests of the children. However, we also take a great deal of time and care to plan exciting, cross curricular topics to ensure that each child has the opportunity to develop the range of skills and knowledge required for them to achieve well in the Early Years and beyond. Within each planned topic there is always room to include the children's ideas whilst maintaining a strong focus on providing interesting, purposeful and meaningful learning opportunities throughout each area of learning and development. 
The Long Term Topic Plan below is a three-yearly cycle to ensure that the children do not revisit the exact same focus texts and themes on their journey through Nursery and Reception. However, it is not rigid and we aim to be reactive in our planning and teaching, covering a range of themes depending on opportunities, events and interests that we encounter.
The Medium Term (half-termly) topic grids give further information about what each topic entails. These can obviously change but provide some direction to our learning and play in the EYFS. We also plan Literacy and Mathematics in-depth each half term and our weekly planning is always available to view on our classroom planning wall.
We have designed our curriculum to carefully ensure that the needs, interests and abilities of each and every child is accounted for. We also plan carefully to ensure that the knowledge and skills set out in the Early Years Framework are always in mind so as to make sure that every child makes the maximum amount of progress and is ready for their next steps.