Learning from home

Daily Timetable Year 1 and 2
15 minutes reading to an adult and discussing the book.
30 minutes phonics/spelling
30 minutes writing
50 minutes maths, including 10 minutes counting and mental maths
45 minutes topic/science
1 hour exercise/being active
Please ask your child to log on to school360 (their username and password is in their Remote learning book). Click on 'Do', then Home Learning - Northumberland has put together a whole host of resources that can be used if your child is off school for  a short amount of time, or has to self-isolate.
If you have any queries  please e-mail it to Jacqueline.hughes2@school360.co.uk
Please could you also e-mail me 2 completed pieces of work from literacy and maths each week.
This can be done by e-mail or through Google classroom on school360. Thank you.
I will check and respond to my e-mails on Wednesdays and Fridays.